Get profit from medical services

We have completed the ICO of AtlantICO Network project and are starting to develop and scale our platform!

If you want:
✅To help people, family and friends
✅To do a good deed, for which you will hear "thank you"
✅Earn big money without going to work
✅Have a permanent and legal income
✅Become one of the first participants in the development of a global decentralized network

Then join us! 👇

🔹We allocate more than $ 5.000.000 for you to help us make medical services safe and high quality. In the near future we are launching our platform where users will be able to add medical centers and doctors, leave comments and make assessments, we want to conduct a real decentralization of medical services!

We accept

Amount of remuneration:
$300 - reward for adding to the medical center platform
$500 - reward for adding a doctor
$200 - reward for adding a comment
$50 - reward for adding a score
$10 - reward for voting


Stage of development

If you want to earn by helping us in development we invite you to join us in two stages:

1. At the first stage, which will last until the end of March 2019, we will work to increase the base of medical centers, doctors and will collect comments and assessments, for this we are ready to pay you:
- reward for adding $300 to the medical center platform
- reward for adding a doctor $500
- reward for adding a comment $200
- reward for adding a score $50
- reward for voting $10

The amount of remuneration for the addition of doctors and medical centers will be reduced: with each addition of a medical center by 1/50000; with each addition of a doctor by 1/300000; with each addition of a comment by 1/1000000.

2. In the second stage, starting from April 2019, we will start connecting the payment service to our platform, where users will be able to pay for medical services with discounts using our application. By connecting medical centers to our payment system, they will pay us a commission on each payment for medical services, this commission we will share among the participants of our platform, it will be an ever-growing legal income for each token holder.

Important information:
In order to add to our platform medical centers, doctors, comments and assessments, you just download the application and register. If you want to receive a reward for this, you need to have at least 10,000 ATL tokens on your personal account (you can buy them on the exchange), the wallet on which you will store your tokens will need to be tied to your account in your personal account. The reward will be paid in ATL tokens at the rate at the time of payment. Users will be able to receive the award after they added the center or the doctor will gain 50 or more votes. If you want to sell your tokens in the future, you can also sell them on exchanges.

Problems of medical and pharmaceutical industry

We present to you ATLANTlCO Network

See how Atlantlco Network works63 seconds

ATLANTlCO Network is a Decentralized medical, insurance and pharmaceutical Platform on the Blockchain

Our mission

Organize remote and secure interaction in the market of medical and pharmaceutical products and services. Build transparent relationships without risks to improve the level of medical and pharmaceutical services.

Wholesale sellers
of pharmaceutical products

The most important component in the business of selling pharmaceutical products is the quality and quantity of sales. This platform allows increasing the company's revenue, expand work with pharmacy chains, build a more robust chain from the manufacturer of pharmaceutical products to the end user.


It is important for each doctor to provide the patient with high-quality help to prescribe quality pharmaceuticals so that the patient is satisfied.

Medical center

For each medical center it is important to have high-quality and professional staff as well as medical and diagnostic equipment that meets all the modern requirements in clinics and hospitals. Services must be available to the public and have positive ratings of their work by patients.

Manufacturers of pharmaceutical goods

This platform allows manufacturers of pharmaceutical products to clearly track the path of the produced drug to the end user, thereby eliminating the possibility of producing counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Thanks to the analysis the pharmaceutical manufacturer is evaluated by the consumer and has the opportunity to improve the quality of products and remain competitive on the market.


For pharmacy chains it is important to have on sale high-quality, genuine, in-demand products purchased at more flexible prices, thereby attracting an additional flow of buyers.


It is important for each patient to have proven and affordable medical services, starting from the doctor who diagnoses and up to manufacturers of pharmaceutical products so that in this chain of interactions all links are at the highest level at the best prices, regardless of the geographical location of patients.

Insurance companies

For each insurance company it is important to avoid being deceived by medical centers and medical professionals - each insured event must be auditable so that insurance companies do not suffer losses.

Our Partners


Partner for development and promotion of the platform in Ukraine


South africa


Partner for the development and promotion of the platform in China



Partner for the development and promotion of the platform in Bulgaria


Partner for the development and promotion of the platform in the UAE


Partner for development and promotion of the platform in Turkey



Partner for development and promotion of the platform in Kazakhstan

The mobile app for interacting with the platform

  • Easy search and selection of medical centers, doctors or pharmacies located nearby

  • Analysis based on patient comments and ratings

  • Quality control of purchased pharmaceutical products

  • Ability to evaluate the quality of pharmaceutical products and services

  • Evaluation of insurance policies sold by companies as well as their service

The AtlantICO Network ICO
is now closed!
Thanks to our community for supporting our mission.
Tokens will be released after the completion of an audit.

Platform architecture

The platform has 6 integrated modules that help participants interact with both each other and the blockchain platform.

  • Doctors

  • Medical Centers

  • Patients

  • Manufacturers of pharmaceutical products

  • Wholesalers of pharmaceutical products

  • Pharmacies

  • Insurance companies

Forecast of profitability and development of ATLANTlCO network platform

Year 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
Amount of new medical centers connected to the platform 100 6 000 15 000 50 000 200 000
Average attendance of one medical center per day 1 870 1 870 1 870 1 870 1 870
Average payment check for medical services in $ $28,00 $28,00 $28,00 $28,00 $28,00
% of patients using the platform 30% 30% 40% 50% 60%
Discount % on medical services for the platform 30% 30% 30% 30% 30%
Discount % for the patient using the platform when paying 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%
Platform profit in % from paid services 15% 15% 15% 15% 15%
Platform profit per day $235 620 $14 137 200 $47 124 000 $196 350 000 $942 480 000
Platform profit per month $7 304 220 $438 253 200 $1 460 844 000 $6 086 850 000 $29 216 880 000
PPlatform profit per quarter - $1 272 348 000 $4 241 160 000 $17 671 500 000 $84 823 200 000
Platform profit per year - $5 160 078 000 $17 200 260 000 $71 667 750 000 $344 005 200 000
Profit per 1 ATL token per year $0,01 $5,16 $17,20 $71,67 $344,01
Profit per 1 ATL token per quarter - $1,29 $4,30 $17,92 $86,00
  • * Data on the % discount that the platform will receive from the services paid through it are taken from the already concluded ATLANTlCO Network contracts with medical centers
  • * The percentage of patients using the platform is approximate
  • * All calculations are made without tax taken into account
  • * Calculation of profitability for 2018 is made after one month of work
  • * Token profit will be paid by the platform to token holders at the end of each quarter
  • * Profitability does not depend on cryptocurrency value and dividends are paid in $

Number of medical centers connected to the platform by year

Profit and token distribution


Project Expansion


Reserve Fund


Platform Development







  • 250 000 000 ATL

    Tokens remain with ATLANTlCO Network team

  • 250 000 000 ATL

    Reserved for rewards to participants using the platform

  • 250 000 000 ATL

    Maximum available for token sale

  • 250 000 000 ATL

    For IPO and listing on stock exchanges


  • The launch of Atlantic International Finance and Loan Limited Company

    June 1987
  • 1990-1997

    Restaurant business, a catering company and Palm Desert restaurant, California, USA

  • Work in financial and real estate industries in Belgium

  • Work in real estate on the Costa del Sol.


    Work in the restaurant business in Costa del Sol.

  • 2007

    Sale of 80% of real estate, mostly in the areas of Puerto Banus (Marbella) and San Pedro De Alcantara (Marbella)

  • Creation of an energy company Solelec iberica that works with the largest medical centers in Costa Del Sol and Marbella (Spain), such as Xanit International Hospital Benalmadena and Marbella International Hospital

    October 2013
  • Work in the restaurant business in Belgium, launch of the best restaurant Le Borse cafe, place Albert Chiffrer № 1, Nivelles 1400, Belgium.

  • Sale of 100% of real estate in Belgium. Mostly in Nivelles

  • Development of the concept and reaching out to potential partners of the company

    July 2016 - June 2017
  • Creating a team to realise the project.

    January - May 2018
    June 2018

    Creating a demo version of the platform and the mobile app, filing a patent application in the British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, EU and USA.

  • Signing a preliminary agreement with Ministries of Health of Ukraine and South Africa on testing the platform in state medical centers.

    July 2018
    July 2018

    Token Pre-Sale

  • lCO

    August - October 2018
  • Listing of tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.

    November 2018
  • December 2018 - January 2019

    Launch of the mobile application and platform

  • Buyback of tokens from members who received them as a bonus for using the platform (patients, medical centers, doctors)

    January 2019
  • Signing contracts describing the form of work with Ministries of Health in countries where the platform is operating, further promotion of the platform around the world.

    February 2019
    March 2019

    The choice of an exchange for the IPO.

  • April - June 2019

    Negotiations with underwriters on the terms of listing on the exchange.

  • Creation of a legal framework to carry out an IPO.

    July 2019 - January 2020
  • Redemption of tokens from the participants of the platform, tokens are awarded in the form of bonuses for using the platform (patients, medical centres, doctors)

    January 2020
  • January - March 2020

    Creation of a public joint-stock company

  • implementation of the technical and legal framework and work with banks and underwriters involved in the IPO, an audit to assess the capitalization and value of the assets of the public joint stock company

    April - October 2020
  • January 2021

    IPO, the issuance of token shares to the holders of the placement shares on the exchange

  • January 2022

    first payment of dividends to shareholders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is AtlantlCO Network?

    ATLANTlCO Network is the first decentralized medical and pharmaceutical blockchain platform that improves and takes the quality of services and medical products to a new level, regulates prices and makes relationships transparent between all participants of the platform: patients, doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies as well as medical centers.

  • Where is the company registered? What is this company?

    Atlantic International finance and loan limited, Address: 31/2 Irish Town, Gibraltar, Email: [email protected], tel: 0034621214974, the company has been operating since 1987, has assets and a huge list of existing businesses

  • What is ATLANTlCO Network token? Where and how to buy it?

    ATL tokens are the internal currency of the platform, cryptographic software that has a functional application on the ATLANTlCO Network platform. ATL tokens will give the opportunity for token holders to receive dividends from the platform's profits. In order to purchase tokens you can register in the personal account on the website, the price of 1 ATL = 0.0001 ETH

  • What cryptocurrency can buy ATLANTlCO Network tokens?

    ATLANTlCO network tokens can be purchased with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Neo (NEO), USD ($)

  • How many ATLANTlCO network tokens will be issued?

    During the tokensale there will be a maximum of 250 000 000 tokens, 250 000 000 tokens for rewards to participants using the platform, 250 000 000 tokens for the IPO and listing on stock exchanges, 250 000 000 tokens remain with the team of the ATLANTlCO Network.

  • When does ATLANTlCO Network plan to list tokens on the cryptocurrency exchanges?

    Listing tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges is planned after the token sale and token distribution, October-November 2018

  • When can I see the tokens on my wallet after payment?

    Tokens will be transferred to buyers after the tokensale.

  • Is it possible for residents of the United States to participate in the token sale?

    No, US citizens are not allowed to participate in the token sale. Your participation in the token sale is only possible if you are an accredited investor.

  • Are there any limits on the maximum or minimum amount of tokens purchased?

    Yes, the minimum number of tokens you can buy is 100 ATL, the maximum number is not limited.

  • Is it possible to buy tokens using an exchange wallet?

    Yes, tokens can be paid for from both a cryptocurrency exchange and cryptocurrency exchanger wallet.

  • What will happen to unsold tokens?

    All unsold tokens will be burned.

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